CYS (or CYF) – Part 3

This article is part 3 in a series about CYS (or CYF). After the shelter hearing, CYS is supposed to implement a plan for reunifying the child with his or her parents. This plan will usually require the parents to do particular things to improve their home situation. For example, the parents may be required to complete a parenting class or domestic violence counseling. If the parents are abusing drugs, they may be required to do random drug screens and take a drug rehabilitation course.

The court typically has a review hearing every three months, to examine the progress of the parents. At this hearing, the CYS caseworker testifies about progress. If the parents comply, the court may order the child back into their custody. If the parents fail to comply and enough time passes (for example, one year), CYS will then recommend that the court terminate the parental rights. Some parents agree to terminate their rights voluntarily, while other parents refuse. The court may then terminate those rights involuntarily, and the child can be adopted by other parties.

If you believe CYS has made it very difficult for you to comply and need representation at the hearing terminating your parental rights, feel free to contact our firm for aggressive legal representation at this hearing.


Written by Attorney Andrew Glasgow