Int’l Divorce

I live in one country and my spouse lives in another. Where can I file for a divorce? Where should I file for one? Another scenario is we now both live in the US but some of our assets are in another country. Can the court here divide those assets, or must we file a separate action in that other country? If the court here can handle them, how would be value those foreign assets? How could a foreign appraiser testify in a case in the US? Will my husband get that asset if that foreign country favors men? Does foreign law govern who gets that asset or US law? How would the asset actually be transferred to me after a divorce? Are prenuptial agreements made in a foreign country enforceable in the US? How are dowries made in a foreign country handled in a US divorce? How are foreign written agreements to pay money in the event of divorce handled? Perhaps your alienated spouse moved from the US to a foreign country. Can I still proceed with a divorce in the US?

International divorces raise a gamut of unique issues. Nevertheless, our firm has the exposure and experience to address them. We have represented multiple clients with such issues from countries around the world, such as Japan, China, and Egypt. You can rely on us to work hard at acquiring the best possible outcome in your international divorce.