Interstate Divorce

I have just moved to Pennsylvania. Can I file a divorce here? How long must a I wait? How will my spouse be served the divorce? Perhaps some or all of your marital property remains in your former state. Can a Pennsylvania court divide those assets, or must I go through a court procedure in my former state too? Perhaps you have children, who have moved to PA with you. Does PA have jurisdiction over the custody case? What about child support? In which state must I file? You and your spouse might both be from PA and still living here, but you own a rental or vacation property in Florida or somewhere else in the US. Will a Pennsylvania court address this asset?

Our firm has handled scores of interstate divorces. We have a solid foundation of knowledge and experience to pursue your objectives in your important divorce. We are very aware that divorce creates great anxiety in the parties going through it, and we see our role as being a guiding hand that calms your anxiety. Our other role is to diligently pursue a fair resolution for you.