Legal Fees

Our legal fees are very reasonable, as demonstrated by the fact that we have represented over 1,000 clients. The fee amount is based on what is involved in each particular case and the complexity of it. After analyzing your case, we formulate a specific strategy, so that you get efficient results and the most for your money.

Do not settle for an attorney at certain other firms who limits his or her practice of law to interviewing prospective clients only–that is, who never steps foot in a courtroom anymore. Or who interviews you, and then hands your case off to a fresh law school graduate. If you choose to consult with another firm, be sure to ask the attorney whether he or she will be the one representing you in all court proceedings. In many cases, the answer will likely be “no.”

By contrast, at our law firm, an attorney with over 15 years experience will interview you, one with court appearances averaging several times per week– an attorney very active in the actual practice of law. He or she will represent you at every court proceeding. An inexperienced law school graduate will not be handling your case.

Call for a free consultation. We are happy to provide you an estimate of legal fees at that time, once we know the specific nature of your case and the legal work required. You will receive a valuable analysis of your case. We deliver highly qualified and very experienced guidance. Clients have frequently stated that they feel so much better after that consultation.

We accept credit/debit cards and offer payment plans.


Have you considered divorce mediation as a way of handling your divorce? Some couples agree on getting a divorce and agree on how to resolve the other claims, such as their property division. For such couples, our firm offers mediation. Our firm represents both the husband and the wife. We meet with both of you, where we gather the needed information. We then prepare the legal documents for the wife and husband to sign. Those documents are then filed with the Court. There are no hearings in Court.

The advantages are numerous. First, we can answer any questions you have about the process and divorce law. Second, the needed legal documents are prepared correctly and efficiently. Third, the overall cost is usually far lower than if both of you hire separate lawyers. The husband and wife can each pay half, if they choose.

Feel free to contact our firm for more details.